Sighting the most elusive Brown Hyena at the northern most location in the Linyati

The brown hyena is very elusive and its very rare to see a pair of pups. We were fortunate to see and document the behaviour of these two pups who were quite relaxed around vehicles. This location of the hyena den is marked as the northern most point where brown hyena have been observed. These pups are esimated to be around 6 months old. Also included is a night shot of the hyena pup; my very first attempt at night photography.

The brown hyena Hyaena brunnea,, also called strandwolf, is a species of hyena found in Namibia, Botswana, western and southern Zimbabwe, southern Mozambique and South Africa.It is currently the rarest species of hyena.The largest remaining brown hyena population is located in the southern Kalahari Desert and coastal areas in Southwest Africa.


The brown hyena inhabits desert areas, semi-desert, and open woodland savannahs. It can survive close to urban areas by scavenging. The brown hyena favors rocky, mountainous areas, as they provide shade and it is not dependent on the ready availability of water sources for frequent drinking. Home ranges are 233 to 466 km2  in size.

Source: Wikipedia

The pups just emerging out of the den 1

The pups just emerging out of the den 2

Exploring the area around the den at night

Exploring the area around the den

Hope you enjoyed these pictures of the brown hyena pups from the Linati.

Thank you for your time


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