Spotty and her tiny cubs from Bandhavgarh National Park

Spotty T 41 The Beautiful tigress from Bandhavgarh, dazzled us as she decided to bring her cubs out on a cold misty  morning in January. This Blog in my humble view, aims to catch the reactions of a mother tigress and her cubs as she is very anxious – this is the second time where the cubs have been spotted on the road. The cubs are attempting to cross a bridge for the first time and move back to their den amongst the sandstone caves.

Spotty appears out of the cover and intends to cross the road

Spotty surveys  and crosses the bridge

The cubs cannot climb up they are tiny, The building is the culvert of the bridge.

One brave cub braves and tries to jump up

The cub calls out to mum

The cub’s expression of frustration is priceless

After several attempts one cub follows in Mum’s footstep

The cub calls out for Mum

Mum responds to the calls

The Mum is angry because of the commotion the fact that the cubs are unable to cross

she attempts to mock charge

Mock charge

She jumps and tries to get the cubs to follow her

She checks on the cubs again

Spotty calls out to the cubs

spotty calling out

One smart cub found her way through a water pipe to cross the road and all four of them followed her

Spotty leads the cubs to their den

Mum with her cubs

Following Mum

This has been an amazing experience witnessing these small cubs; I sincerely wish everyone gives them the space to flourish and grow.

Hope you have enjoyed this experience like I have.

Thank you for your valuable time.

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