The Story of Leopards and Dholes from Kabini – a picture story

One misty morning in the Wilderness of Kabini; Nagarhole National Park we found a distressed Mother Leopard (Pardus panthera fusca); she was high up on  a tree with her tiny cub on another tree. The Dholes were traumatizing them the whole night. There was a kill around the scene. It is supposed that the Dholes might have been attracted by the smell of the carcas.

A pack of 4 Dholes were watching every movement of the Leopards

The mother was furious

The Tiny cub was restless and was up and down the tree several times in nervousness

Finally the mother climbed down to help her cub

There was a lot of comotion

Finally we saw the cub climb up another tree. We were relived.

The cub joined its mother for a short while but it was restless

We hope the cub survived the encounter …………. Thats the wilderness……..

Thank you for your time

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