Glorious light and great to see Leopards drinking from the Bison Tank

With the Monsoons, it is green all over Kabini,  The lakes, ponds and waterholes are full and fresh with life, Its great to see the animals enjoying the water, a young elephant dunks and screeches in Tiger tank, where as a little Grebe flies from one corner to the other of the manmade water hole – Bison Tank, that is fed by a solar pump, it was special to see the Leopards of Kabini using the Bison Tank! This was a courting pair of Leopards seen in glorious light. Though the Male was bold, I couldn’t get a picture of the female as she was shy and sprinting away, amidst the Lantana …..

Sunkurkatte male in Glorious light

Drinking water from Bison Tank

The Leopard with the peacock near the Bison tank

Thank you for your time

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