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I am pleased to welcome you on my blog to share my journey in Wildlife Photography.

Today with the proliferation of mobile phones and many platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the number of persons who are interested in wildlife photography, are not necessarily getting valuable content. The immediate question that would come to any person, would be Why  another Wildlife Photography website?

As it is said that “A photograph captures a moment in time “.

This is especially true in wildlife photography. The biggest challenge in wildlife photography  is that not everything is under the photographer’s control so as  to capture that true “Aha” moment. One should have all the settings ready and be conscious to have all the camera settings ready and be present or else the whole situation would be of no use.  In Wildlife Photography the first  2-3 seconds is important to make  a  perfect shot.This is the reason why Wildlife photography is so challenging and you keep learning.

The southern carmine bee-eater
The southern carmine bee-eater – Merops nubicoides- Linyati, Botswana , South Africa
That is why I call it a Journey in Wildlife Photography where at different times I am inspired by different things. And as in any art the learning is endless…
Cheetahs of Tanzania
Cheetahs of Tanzania
Curious cub - awaits her mother
Curious cub – awaits her mother- Bandhavgarh National Park
My purpose  is to visualise Wildlife photography as an art, and I welcome you to join me in this adventure .
So stay tuned guys.
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