A chance encounter with a pack of Dhole or the Indian Wild Dog

The Dhole or the Indian Wild Dog is one of my favourite animal. I have tried very hard to see and photograph them but they have been elusive until recently when I encountered a pack of 11 wild dogs in Kabini Nagarhole National Park. I like them because they are constantly interacting with the pack or on the move. They are a delight to observe .

It is interesting to note that the Dhole are highly social animal without rigid hierarchy and have multiple breeding females unlike the African wild dogs who have a rigid Alpha Male and a breeding Alpha female.

wild dog Dhole _ Kabini
wild dog Dhole _ Kabini

The Pack of Dhole on their hunt

Pack dynamics

The pack amidst the high weeds in Nagarhole National Park because of the monsoons

wild dog Dhole _ Kabini 2
wild dog Dhole _ Kabini 2


They are always active

The pack senses another predator, because of the Alarm calls, they are very edgy

The pack scampers off

It was a brief 15 minute encounter when they were running wild in Zone A of Kabini. They became edgy when there were Alarm calls and other cars had spotted a tiger very close by. The Dholes just sped by.

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